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The guys just left, and they did a fantastic job. Best handyman service in the area.

  • Paul Y.

Thank you for providing an exceptional painting and decorating service.

  • Ruth T.

For handyman jobs I call Handyman Company Marylebone. I've used them many times and they're yet to let me down.

  • D. Arnold

I'm the kind of man who figures out how things work fairly easily, but electrical repairs are something I leave to professionals. There are things one should not mess around with if one doesn't know what one's doing and this is one of them. Marylebone Local Handyman were pretty great at their jobs, had low prices and I will use them again if I need to.

  • Anthony

If you want carpentry jobs done in your home then I would suggest MaryleboneHandyman. When I hired them they were professional and guaranteed amazing results. I definitely wasn't disappointed with what they did for me and I've already recommended them to everyone I know!

  • Penny K.

I needed help with the property maintenance and decided to get it from the professionals. Marylebone Handyman Company had very nice deals for the area and I called them and booked a team to come over to my place and do some work. They came and started working as soon as I showed them what I wanted. The team was diligent and they had no breaks, just straight up work until everything was completed and working like new. Excellent work from the guys!

  • Martin Edwards

If I hadn't heard of Marylebone Handymen I would still have a bunch of flat packs in my spare room waiting to be assembled. I had bought some build-it-yourself furniture and never got around to putting it together. Wanting things to finally be done, I figured I'd have someone else take care of it and that was this handyman firm. I hired them to come and do the work and that's what they did. I had everything built within a few hours and every item was set up. This is a super convenient service.

  • Sally Austin

When it comes to office maintenance there is no other company I would call. Marylebone Handyman Company always arrive when they say they're going to and always provide me with very competitive prices and carry out the job to a very good finish. Have always been impressed by this company and will continue to use them.

  • David White

MaryleboneHandyman are life savers. I needed emergency repairs in my home and I needed them done immediately. I couldn't wait a day. Not even a few hours. I needed help right now. I called them up and told them about the problem and before I knew it, their team arrived. The team worked hard and quickly to fix everything and after a couple of hours, the problem was solved. I'm amazed at their great work and will definitely keep their number handy if something else goes wrong.

  • Dean C.

Home renovation usually comes with a high price tag, which is what put me off for so long. However, after seeing the amazing results of one of my neighbours' renovations I decided to call MaryleboneHandyman to find out what they could offer me. After speaking with a lovely member of staff, I was offered all the services I needed for a low price and accepted immediately. Now, I'm so proud of my home I can't wait to show it off! With this team, home renovation doesn't have to break the bank.

  • Lara Bourne

I needed a new cabinet made for my trophies I had won at various sports tournaments. My friend suggested I hired Marylebone Handymen as they had handymen who handled carpentry jobs at affordable rates. I did and I booked an appointment to discuss my needs. I was given a quote for the job which I was happy with and the work went ahead. The cabinet was handcrafted in a lovely wood, and is a stunning piece of furniture which now takes centre place in my home! If you need anything similar I would certainly recommend hiring this company.

  • Wilson Hubbard

From the first point of contact, I found Marylebone Local Handyman to be very professional, knowledgeable, straightforward and organised. They took the stress out of furniture assembly and the really low price meant that I didn't feel guilty about having to hire their services. A brilliant company and a brilliant bunch of guys!

  • Brian Heath

I had bought a load of flat-pack furniture from the local warehouse store but wasn't really too sure I could construct them without breaking them. My flatmate said they'd used Marylebone Handymen to assemble a desk at their student digs and so I gave them a call. They quoted a great price and did the most incredible job in record time. Their furniture assembler told me they had extra fixings and bits and pieces in case anything was missing or got broken in the assembly. I got a great deal on the furniture at the shop and so even when it was assembled I still saved money!

  • Jeremy F.